Queer solidarity banner appears in protest of Trump's inauguration

Protest groups have begun revealing banners over bridges around the London and the rest of the world to coincide with Inauguration Day in the US. One banner, from an LGBT+ protest group, was on Vauxhall Bridge which read "Queer Solidarity Smashes Borders." As well as the banner, protestors held coloured smoke flares to look like the pride flag. Queer comedian, Joe Sutherland was one of the people involved in the protest on the bridge. In a statement he said: "As a queer comedian it’s my job to find funny ways to deal with a bad situation. But what we’re facing now isn’t funny, it’s terrifying. "I’m here as part of my LGBTQ+ community to show that we stand with others who feel threatened: migrants, muslims, women, people of colour and disabled people. "If we support each other then we don’t have to be afraid." Vauxhall Bridge isn't the only bridge in London that has had protesters on it. On London Bridge, another banner said "No silence on UK violence #BlackLivesMatter" And on the the Millennium Foot Bridge, a banner went up which read: "What happens next is up to us". Across the country banners have also been appearing, in places like Leeds, Luton and Dublin. With reports saying that over 150 banners have been placed all over the world.

QUEER SOLIDARITY SMASHES BORDERS #hellyeahitdoes 🌈✊ . On the day of Trump's inauguration banners are being dropped all over the UK calling for #bridgesnotwalls. Proud to be on the #queersolidarity bridge at Vauxhall. Time to get organising people! #LGBTrights #lovetrumpshate #demflares #hopenothate

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#bridgesnotwalls #unitedagainstislamophobia #solidarity #trump #lovetrumpsthate #trumpinaugural #defiance #j20 #london #southwark #bridges

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This morning on Millennium Bridge in London. #BridgesNotWalls #london #dumptrump #resistj20 #disruptj20 #art #FeelTheBern

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The hashtag #bridgesnotwalls is being used on social media to spread the protest. The twitter biography for the protest states: "Today we're dropping banners off bridges around the world, pledging hope for the future & to take a stand against the rise of the far right." Read more: Activists hold a huge gay protest party outside Mike Pence’s house Ofcom dismisses complaints about ‘offensive’ gay best friend discussion on Loose Women