Radio host destroys homophobic caller with one simple question

He had no answer.


A Christian radio caller got more than he bargained for when he rang up to explain why homosexuality is sinful - only to be shut down by one simple question from the presenter.

James O'Brien was hosting a discussion on homosexuality and religion on his LBC radio show when a man called Daniel phoned in to explain why being gay is against God.

After Daniel says that the Bible denounces homosexuality in both the Old and New Testament, O'Brien replies "The New Testament, you can find a couple of quotes from St Paul with reference to modern interpretations of what Sodom and Gamorrah represents, but just remind me – just tell me the things that Jesus said about it."

(Spoiler alert: there are none).

It all went down hill from there for Daniel.

Scrabbling for an answer, Daniel begins: "Well, in 1 Corinthians…”
 But O'Brien cuts in to point out that the First Corinthians is "a letter written by someone who never met Jesus."

He adds: "1 Corinthians is a letter that St Paul wrote. What did Jesus say, on the record, in the Bible about homosexuality?"

As Daniel struggles to answer, O'Brien keeps on coming.

"It’s a simple question. What did he say? You can say nothing, because that’s the true answer, or you can carry on blustering," he says.

In all, O'Brien asks Daniel what Jesus said about homosexuality an incredible 27 times.

He tells the befuddled caller: "Listen, you have a great day. May God go with you. You can't answer the question about Jesus... which is kind of the point. Which leads me to conclude what you're really terrified of Daniel is something that's going on inside of you."

Check out the bruising encounter below: