Rainbow-painted pedestrian crossing celebrating Pride has been vandalised in Paris

The news was broken by Paris' gay rugby team Les Coqs Festif


A rainbow painted pedestrian crossing in Paris have been vandalised.

Cities are the world are all celebrating Pride this month and many have taken to give the black and white pedestrian crossings a bit of a makeover, painting them in the rainbow-style to celebrate the LGBT+ community.

However, in Paris – where it is legal to be gay – homophobic vandals took to painting over the crossing back the traditional (and boring) black and white and they wrote: "LGBT hors de France" which translates as "LGBT out of France".

Paris’ gay rugby team Les Coqs Festifs took to Twitter posting pictures of the vandalised pedestrian crossing.

They wrote in French, which translates as: “Vandalized Marsh rainbow pedestrian walkways This night #paris @Anne_Hidalgo @BrunoJulliard Help #homophobie #marais”

Pride in London retweeted their message pledging their support for the French LGBT+ community.

They wrote: “Shocked to see rainbow crossings in Paris vandalised ahead of their #MarcheDesFiertés Pride on Saturday. We condemn this act of homophobia. This is why #PrideMatters more than ever. Nous sommes avec vous, Paris! [sic]”