Rare unheard Spice Girls songs leak in full online

Spice Girls fans, you're in for a treat. Overnight, four full, previously unheard songs from the girl group's 1999 third album sessions unexpectedly leaked online, and there are some corkers among them. forever-50ab355c577b5 Their only album as a four-piece, 2000's Forever was a flop compared to its two chart-topping predecessors, with many fans turned off by the group's switch from oh-so-Spicey pop to Destiny's Child-lite R&B (sorry Baby Spice, you're just no Beyonce). These four scrapped songs, now available to hear in full some 16 years after they were recorded, offer a glimpse of what could've been if the girls had stuck with their trademark pop sound. Have a listen: If It's Lovin' On Your Mind   How was this not a single, let alone not included on Forever? A deeply 1999 slice of pop, this would've been right at home on the charts alongside soundalike hits by the likes of Britney, Backstreet Boys and Five. A Day In Your Life OK, so this ballad has lyrics ripped straight from a motivational bumper sticker ("You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching you, and you gotta love like you've never been hurt"), but with the lilting Spanish guitar and Emma's gorgeous vocals, it's basically Viva Forever Pt. 2 (that is, VERY GOOD INDEED). Our favourite moment comes 90 seconds in, when Victoria Beckham - never the group's strongest singer - goes full Mariah with the stunningly apt line "You've gotta live beyond your limitations, yeah..." SING IT, SISTER. Right Back At Ya By the time this certified jam made it onto Forever, producer Rodney Jerkins had sucked all the fun out of it and turned it into what sounded like a first-album P!nk b-side. But just check out the original pop version! Pain Proof   The only dud of the four, this seems a leaden attempt to recreate the magic of Step To Me, but without that song's ace tune. Still, the guitar-heavy track would've at least been a nice sonic addition to Forever. So there you have it: Four new (old) Spice Girls songs. Are there more treasures in the Spice vaults, yet to be unearthed? We'll take a Spice Girls rarities and demos super-deluxe-box-set for your 20th anniversary next year please, girls.