R&B singer Russell Elliot’s new video about falling for a straight guy

Brooklyn-based R&B artist Russell Elliot recently debuted the music video for ‘Around’, the first single on his four-song EP – and both the song and the video reflect the agony of being queer and falling for a straight man. Russell Elliot - Around The self-identified pansexual feminist’s new video features an emotional dance number choreographed by the Kuperman Brothers and performed by Elliot and dancer Alonso Guzman. In an interview with music blog Smoothie Tunes, the 23-year-old Elliot said, “The song is about a boy I met in college. He wanted me but not meaningfully. He wanted me but not as badly as he wanted heteronormativity, or privilege, or comfort. 'Around' is the confrontation I couldn’t bring myself to address in the moment. Frankly, it’s the ‘go f*ck yourself’ I never gave him in person.” "Falling for a straight boy is hard," he told The Huffington Post. Watch the music video below: