Real cost of TV same-sex weddings, from Schitt's Creek to Friends to Glee

Guess whose nuptials cost an estimated £26,608...


Picture: The cast of Schitt's Creek (CBC)

Weddings from iconic film and television shows are often focal points in our favourite characters' lives.

But the eye-watering cost of some such nuptials? Stress-inducing to say the least...

That said, a new study of same-sex TV weddings has looked at everything from bridezilla-standard ceremonies to cheap and cheerful shotgun weddings alike.

From Friends to Orange is the New Black and Schitt's Creek to Roseanne, here's how much you need in your back pocket to emulate your favourite on-screen union...

Modern Family: Mitch and Cam's modern marriage would have cost just over £10k...

It was a day of disasters, but Mitch and Cam from ABC's Modern Family eventually tied the knot at a golf club in LA.

The couple's actual ceremony would've cost an estimated £11,000 - but the bill for their first and second attempts were likely higher!

Glee: That time Blane, Kurt, Santana and Brittany carpool married

Our ranking includes two Glee super couples: Blaine and Kurt, plus Santana and Brittany, who married in a joint ceremony back in 2015.

With entertainment coming from the Glee club themselves, this frugal foursome would've split the wedding costs between them - around £2,697 each.

Orange Is the New Black: For Piper and Alex, cheap is the new expensive

The cheapest wedding on our list is that of Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex Laura Preopon) from OITNB. The season six episode showed the couple marrying in an impromptu prison ceremony.

With no real costs - except some homemade decorations presumably from their tiny prison budget - the wedding itself would've cost £20 or less. It wasn't clear if their marriage was ever made legal, but this would potentially add an extra £120 to obtain a certificate.

Same-sex TV weddings analysed from most to least expensive

1 Roseanne's Leon and Scott - £26,608
2 Schitt's Creek's David and Patrick - £22,795
3 Grey's Anatomy's Callie and Arizona - £12,586
4 Friends' Carol and Susan - £11,507
5 Modern Family's Mitch and Cam - £11,000
6 How To Get Away With Murder's Connor & Oliver [above] - £6,257
7 Glee's Blaine & Kurt - £2,697
8 Glee's Santana & Brittany - £2,697
9 Grace and Frankie's Sol & Robert - £165
10 Orange Is the New Black's Piper & Alex - £20

The calculations by savings platform Raisin UK include a combination of canon information, cost of real-life venue hire or approximates based upon fictional location and average costs for things like dresses, flowers, transportation and entertainment, and consolidated by Katie, a wedding planner from Albion Parties.

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