'Real Housewives' star boycotts hotel over anti-gay laws

vanderpumpReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has shown support for the LGBT community by boycotting the Beverly Hills hotel - an establishment she is known to frequent. The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, owns the iconic Los Angeles hotel, as well as numerous other properties worldwide, including the 'Dorchester Collection' chain of hotels. Last month (April), he introduced new laws that make anal sex punishable with death by stoning, alongside other offences like rape, adultery, extramarital sexual relations for Muslims. "As a huge spokesperson and advocate for the LGBT community and supporter of equal rights, I find it devastating,” Vanderpump told LA-based radio station KNBC, RumorFix reports. “[The Beverly Hills Hotel is] like a home from home, but unfortunately I just don’t feel I can support any of this man’s business ventures with what’s come out.” Meanwhile, the Motion Picture Television Fund have confirmed plans to withdraw next year's pre-Oscars party from the Beverly Hills Hotel over their “deep concern” over the new Brunei legislation. Chat show host Jay Leno was among those protesting against the Sultan of Brunei’s new anti-gay laws outside the Beverly Hill Hotels on Monday (May 5). Ellen DeGeneres has also confirmed she is boycotting the hotel following the introduction of Brunei's anti-gay laws. > Sharon Osbourne urges fans to join Brunei hotel boycott > Stephen Fry boycotts Ascot hotel over Brunei anti-gay law > LGBT group boycott LA hotel over Brunei anti-gay law