Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump speaks out after co-star 'disowns gay brother over his sexuality'

Real Housewife star Lisa Vanderpump has slammed her franchise co-star. According to reports, Orange County newcomer Peggy Sulahian banned her gay brother, designer Pol' Atteu, from attending their father's funeral because she doesn't agree with his sexuality. Radar claimed that shockingly Sulahian hasn't spoken to her brother in almost two decades because she doesn't welcome "his kind" around her family. “Peggy did not let me know that my father was dying and I was never able to say goodbye to him,” Atteu told the gossip website. “I love my sister and I always will. But I am heartbroken over what she has done." In response to the upsetting reports, Beverley Hills star Vanderpump, who has always been a vocal supporter of the LGBT+ community, told Radar that she "doesn't tolerate" any form of prejudice. “I do not tolerate prejudice of any kind. And I have no interest in homophobia or in disgusting behaviour like this. I do not condone or even acknowledge it.” “You know my opinion on this,” she added. “Any attack on the gay community is something that I take very personally.” Apparently, franchise creator Andy Cohen is trying to get Sulahian to appear on his late night chat show to talk about the reports. But Radar have claimed that the series newcomer has declined the invitation. Attitude has contacted Sulahian for comment. Want more Housewives? Check out our exclusive interview with Kyle Richards here.