Reddit ‘f*ggot watch’ forum launched to target gay teens

A member of Reddit has launched a hate-filled thread to primarily troll and verbally attack gay teenagers who use the website. Created on February 3, the ‘Faggot Watch’ forum has been republishing posts from existing LGBT forums in an activity referred to as “subreddits”, which allows site users to add their own homophobic comments, reports Gay Star News. The thread cites a post from 14-year-old girl, originally asking for coming out advice in the ‘LGBT Teens’ forum. Yet in the ‘Faggot Watch’ forum, the post has been reposted as, ‘degenerate dyke has no idea how to explain its mental illness to a boy, need help from faggot friends to explain’. Similarly, another post asking whether users had come across any trans people who had been blocked or banned from dating apps Tinder has republished as, “Faggots and trannies cry "muh oppression!" over Tinder because people don't have the same delusions and mental illnesses as they have”.   reddit Reddit is structured in such a way that any comment on the thread will be both published on the original thread, and sent as a message to the original author’s email inbox. One user of the LGBT Teens forum, a teenager named Josh, told Gay Star News he had received homophobic abuse to his Reddit inbox because his original post had been republished on the ‘Faggot Watch’ thread. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I don’t want to go on a site where people call me the ‘f’ word. I’m scared enough of being called that in my day-to-day life.” CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman said the site was actively banning the handful of communities who exist “solely to annoy other redditors”. “[They] prevent us from improving Reddit”, he said, “and generally make Reddit worse for everyone else.’ More stories: Troye Sivan talks his first on-screen gay kiss 8 important figures from gay history you might not have known