Reese Witherspoon: Actors who refuse to play gay roles 'need to lighten up'

Reese Witherspoon has suggested that actors who refuse to play gay roles "need to lighten up". Witherspoon, whose new comedy film Hot Pursuit is released in the UK in July, has said in a new interview that actors need to be able to "transform" and be "malleable" when it comes to roles. Reese "I think gay people are able to play straight roles; straight people are able to play gay roles,' the actress told PrideSource. "The whole point of being an actor is to transform. If people don't understand that we need to be malleable in our sexuality, then I think they need to lighten up." She went on to add that the message behind Hot Pursuit, which features a kissing scene between Witherspoon and her co-star Sofia Vergara, is that and the end of the day it "doesn't matter" what defines us in life because we all have "a lot in common". "The whole movie is: It doesn't matter where you're from, what your sexual orientation is, what you do for a living, what your ethnicity is - women are women, and we all have a lot in common," she added.

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