Rejoice! Nyle DiMarco reveals he's single

Nyle DiMarco is single: Hallelujah! Open the floodgates, because a stampede is coming for the affections of Mr. Nyle DiMarco. DiMarco, who identifies as sexually fluid, has revealed that he's "very single" in an interview with People Magazine. He said: "A relationship is not a priority of mine but, you know, I’m hoping soon enough!" The Dancing with the Stars and American Top Model champion has been a busy boy, stating he "needs a vacation", but he's looking to collaborate with a number of deaf friends to produce a new show. On the romance front, DiMarco made it clear that he's got three definite qualities he's looking for in a partner. He said: "First one, has to be independent. I believe they have to be able to do their own thing. The second one, communication, I think is the most important. And outgoing as well. I’m an outgoing person, so…" You can watch the full interview below: [embed][/embed] Feel you're up to the task of sweeping this hunk off his feet? Well, here's 11 reasons why you should definitely consider it. 1. He's winning at life. An America's Next Top Model winner and Dancing With The Stars champion, DiMarco is set for life. Everything the 27 year-old touches is gold and his bedroom is probably full of trophies. The face of victory.   2. He has friends in high places. Oh you know, just hanging out with Tyra Banks, Tyler Oakley and the Obamas. No biggie.

Tyra Banks... you beautiful soul... Thank you for coming to #DWTS set. This week means so much more.

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  3. He knows how to party. Is that silly string or are you just happy to see me? tumblr_nx3bcnQpgT1untprdo1_500   4. He's a deep thinker. "Watcha thinkin' bout Nyle?" "Oh you know, just life n' stuff." tumblr_nzrlo43n191se9eaao2_1280   5. He's good with animals. 640_nyle_dimarco_cw   Nyle2   6. He's an advocate for the deaf community and sign language. Some say it's the language of love. wvkaGWy   pUTHLGo   7. He's a savvy businessman. Sell yourself.
  8. He's a collectible. Nyle doll: Boom Boom Bon Voyage edition. Mint condition, do not remove from box. 0hNLoPC   9. He can be naughty when he wants to. Watcha doing there Nyle? Nyle-DiMarco-2016-Nylon-Editorial-Shoot-001 Oh, fancy seeing you here...   mgid-uma-image-logotv   10. He's delightfully forgetful. Oh silly Nyle, that's not how you put on a shirt. giphy   11. Everyone wants him. I mean, just look at him... tumblr_o85tj5mCC81rra2c2o1_1280 We hope you enjoyed that just as much as we did...  Words: Andrew Headspeath More stories: Gaga fans start petition to stop Madonna and Mariah from “exploiting” the gay community Wife gets public revenge on husband after he cheats with male gardener