'Rent' star Anthony Rapp cast as gay character in 'Star Trek: Discovery'

Musical theatre star Anthony Rapp has joined the cast of Star Trek: Discovery. The upcoming series is set 10 years prior to the original television show. Anthony, who played Mark in Broadway show Rent, before reprising his role in the film adaptation, will play Lieutenant Stamets, a scientist who is being billed as a central character in the show. According to Entertainment Weekly, Stamets will be gay. The actor and singer made the announcement via Twitter, writing, "So proud to be a part of this journey. I'm a longtime fan and super geek of the highest order." He later uploading a photograph of himself with a range of Star Trek boxsets, adding, "With the help of my friend Bill's collection of all things Star Trek, I am doing a deep dive into the lore in prep" for the show. https://twitter.com/albinokid/status/803685845215551488   https://twitter.com/albinokid/status/803767320275341312 Anthony, 45, explained in a 1997 interview with Oasis magazine that he identifies as "queer" rather than gay, having had romantic relationships with women. However, in a 2010 interview with Out magazine, he said that he saw himself as "absolutely primarily gay." Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS in May 2017. More stories: One of London’s longest-running fetish clubs is closing The naked boys of the Coitus 2017 calendar will change your life – PICS