Review | One Broad Street in Brighton

The aparthotel is situated right in the middle of Kemp Town and a two minute walk to th beach


Knowing that Easter Bank Holiday weekend was set to be gloriously hot and having no plans, I decided to venture down to Brighton for the weekend.

I was offered a chance to stay at One Broad Street and in all honesty, the aparthotel was exactly what I was looking for.

Situated slap-bang in the centre of Kemp Town, the hotel is ideal. Less than a two-minute walk from the beach, Brighton Pier and all the bars and clubs you could ever want.

Unlike many hotels, the six-storey converted Edwardian house does not have a reception or staff on hand. Instead the doors are coded and check-in was online.

Thankfully, the codes to open the door were pretty easy to remember so there was no struggle getting in or not after a night on the town.

I believe this was my first experience staying in an aparthotel and it had a sort of AirBNB feel to it – which is not a criticism by any means.

The room itself was big enough and the beds – we had two twins, but super kings are available – were probably the comfiest beds I have stayed in, it was hard to get out of them each morning.

Even price-wise, the hotel was reasonable and worth the price. For a large suite – which sleeps four – is priced at £89, the same price for a Deluxe King sea view, which sleeps two.

For a standard double is priced at £79 and micro doubles for £72 per night.

Aesthetically, the room was beautifully decorated.

Incorporating the use of greenery and natural materials, the result is that the design and layout of each room is unique and looks amazing.

All the rooms are fitted with WiFi, Smart TVs, USB charging points, mood lighting and touchscreen information tablets. 

Each room has a kitchenette with microwave, fridge, kettle and coffee maker and all rooms are ensuite and come with hairdryer, iron & ironing board and guest toiletries.

One of my biggest fears when staying in a hotel is the temperature of the room and being the insanely hot forecast for the weekend, the fear increased.

However, while myself and my friend were getting ready to venture out there was a knock on the door.

Terrified that my friend had logged on to Grindr and invited a random hook-up over, it actually turned out to be one of the staff members dropping off a fan in case the room got too hot.

This was a sweet and personal touch but luckily the room remained a steady cool temperature during the evening – this could have been due to leaving the windows open all night and the fact that we were both heavily intoxicated but still the room stayed cool.

You really could not fault the hotel. Prime location, beautiful rooms and unique décor, it truly was a hotel I would happily stay in again and is perfect for Brighton Pride.