Right-wing blogger claims gay culture is 'harming heterosexual men on a personal level'

Apparently gay culture is having a negative impact on heterosexual men. A new op-ed from right-wing blogger Ben Bera has claimed that acceptance of gay culture into the mainstream has directly harmed straight men in their day-to-day lives. According to Bera, gay culture has turned heterosexual men vain, and made them self-obsessed and too into their looks. “To adopt the daily rituals of moisturizing, waxing, applying fake tan, etc., is crossing the thin line between healthily enhancing one’s self-confidence and being consumed by vanity," he claims. But it doesn't end there. Because a number of gay men work in the fashion industry, our influence on new trends and designs has forced men to dress in a way that Bera doesn't deem appropriate for the average man. “The fashion industry is overly populated with women and gay men, this dangerous mix churns out ever more effeminate looking styles and grooming products for men." The blogger then continues, suggesting that the rise in acceptance of gay relationships and same-sex marriage has meant that  straight men are no longer able to bond like they used to. “Gay culture has helped to all but destroyed men’s understanding of platonic love,” he writes, “and it’s clear to me why we see so many men today suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety.” But the most hilarious part? Apparently, gay men are responsible for straight men becoming promiscuous. No, seriously.