Rihanna 'isn't welcome' in Senegal because she's part of the Illuminati that's 'turning people gay'

They claim Rihanna is planning on making future generations 'followers of Satan'


Rihanna has become the mastermind of a 'gay illumanti' plot.

That is, according to religious groups. The 'Wild Thoughts' singer is set to visit Sengal today (February 2) to attend a conference with French president Emmanuel Macron as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education, an organisation trying to raise funds for vulnerable children. 

However, religious groups in the country have pleaded with the government to cancel Rihanna's visit because the singer is a 'well-known' member of the Illuminati, an organisation that conspiracy theorists claim rule the world.

According to the Guardian, a coalition of around 30 Islamic groups called 'No To Freemasonry and Homosexuality' have called on the government and accused the Barbadian singer of promoting gay rights. 

Rihanna has been rumoured to be part of the Illuminati for years and though much of it has only been speculation, members of the 'No To Freemasonry and Homosexuality' are certain Rihanna's a member.

Spokesperson Cheikh Oumar Diagne said: "[She] doesn't hide it: she's part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons."

Religious groups, which are extremely powerful in the country, also claimed Rihanna is planning on making future generations "followers of Satan" while advancing the goals of the Illuminati. 

While Rihanna's plan with the Illuminati hasn't been made explicitly clear, we hope she uses her new-found Satan army to bring LGBT rights and acceptance to the country and the coalition, who have called for attacks against the LGBT community.

Meanwhile, the Senegalese Interior Ministry has said they have plans to "ensure the safety of all persons invited to the conference."