Rihanna's new single: 'FourFiveSeconds' ft. Kanye West and Paul McCartney

WELL, this was unexpected. Rihanna has today debuted her first taste of brand new music in more than two years - and those eager to hear another We Found Love-esque club stomper might be left scratching their heads at what she's come up with. 720x405-B8J7XMxCIAADoDZ   The Barbados-born clothes-shunner has teamed up with Kanye West (him out of Kimye) and Paul McCartney (him out of The Beatles) to drop an oddly titled acoustic singalong, FourFiveSeconds (space bar be damned!). It's certainly a bold new direction for the 26-year-old, who's carved out a career as one of the last decade's biggest-selling pop stars thanks to a combination of dance beats, reggae rhythms and the occasional show-stopping power ballad. No word yet on when Rihanna's eagerly anticipated eighth album will appear - or if this is indeed the first single proper, rather than just a low-key taste of what's to come. Judging by what we've heard today, we have to ask: is Rihanna about to drop 2015's realest folk album? .