Rising star Joesef talks sexuality: 'Honestly, it's weird to be straight'

The Scottish rising star says that being heterosexual is no longer the norm.


Buzzed-about singer Joesef is opening up about his bisexuality – as he praises his generation for ripping up the rulebook in regard to identity and relationships.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude's May issue - out now to download and to order globally - the Scottish rising star insists that being bisexual was never an issue for him.

“It wasn’t a big thing. I didn’t grow up being like, f***, I’m gay. I just always kind of fancied boys as well, but kept it to myself,” he explains.

“I’ve been with girls my entire life and then I went with a boy and that was it.”

Growing up in the East End of Glasgow, Joesef argues that it is stranger to consider yourself "straight" these days as more and more people experiment and explore their sexuality.

“I feel like everybody’s done a bit of something. It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t at least dabbled. Honestly, it’s weird to be straight,” he begins.

“People are so much more open-minded, especially in my generation. You go to a party and everybody’s up for anything. It’s not as rigid as it used to be, thank f***,” he adds. “It’s a good time to be about.”

The 24-year-old former barman – who appeared on the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2020 list – relived the beginning and end of his first romance with a guy on his debut EP, Play Me Something Nice, released in October.

“The relationship was weird, it was my first one with a guy, so everything was new,” Joesef recalls. “We lived together for ages and then we broke up, but we were still hanging out, f***ing about with each other, it was a real head-f*** situation.”

However, the Think That I Don’t Need Your Love hitmaker is still in touch with his ex-boyfriend – indeed, the former flame is more than happy to be Joesef's musical muse.

“It’s good to end amicably because you’ve given so much of your life to this person that to [cut off] total contact would be strange to me. I feel like the music is his as well; it belongs to both of us,” he maintains.

“He messaged me [about the EP] and he was sound. He enjoys attention anyway, so he’s absolutely loving it!” Joesef exclaims.

Read the full interview with Joesef in Attitude's May issue, out now.

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