Roger Federer admits he got distracted by his opponent Jack Sock's 'very big' bum

Roger Federer has revealed even he can't resist getting distracted by a certain part of one of his opponent's body. The tennis player recently played at the Nitto ATP Finals 2017, where he teased that he was completely distracted by his opponents bum when he bent over. Speaking at a press conference on Sunday about his match against Jack Sock, Federer joked: "It was a big distraction, I tell you that because it was very big." "That's what I should have aimed for that target was bigger than the down-the-line corridor that I had."   "It's happened sometime in the past too, but not on a big stage like this." Federer later retweeted a video of the press conference writing: "Next time" with a peach and dartboard emoji. Well, even we couldn't stop staring. More stories: Jake Shears: ‘If all you’re giving the world is your body on Instagram – f**k off’ Attitude’s Masculinity survey reveals almost 75% of gay men are turned off by effeminate guys