Royal Ascot have changed the dress code to be more trans inclusive

The annual horse racing event has stuck to strict dress code rules since the 19th Century


Royal Ascot have changed their dress code to be more trans inclusive.

The prestigious horse racing weekend – which is set to take place from June 18 to 22 – has, for years, kept to a strict dress code were male-presenting individuals are only able to wear a black or grey suit with a top hat, and for women the rules were relaxed in 2017 when they permitted jumpsuits.

But now, for the first time, visitors have been told to follow the dress code that they ‘feel most comfortable’ in a bid to be more inclusive for trans race goers.

This means that those who identify as a woman are able to dress in men’s and vice versa as long as the rules are not broken, according to the Telegraph.

The move has been welcomed by LGBTQ activists and sports personalities including Victoria Smith, Britain’s first transgender jockey, who said it was a ‘really positive’ step forward to ‘become more accepting of difference’.

She said: “I think racing is really starting to become more accepting of difference, so any changes that help really are welcome.

“If someone identifies as a woman, they should be allowed to wear ladies’ clothes, as long as they stick to the rules.”