Ruby Rose is sorry, not sorry for dissing Oz PM

After some back and forth on the interwebs this week, Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose has confirmed she's definitely not sorry for taking on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his opposition to marriage equality. Speculation around Rose's apology came when the 29-year Australian model told Details magazine "going head to head" with the PM on social media last year was one of her “biggest social media gaffes”. The "gaffe" refers to a quote published in on Rose's Instagram account, which referenced a Diva magazine interview where Rose called the PM a "sexist bigot". rubyrose   “I didn’t mean to do it. I woke up and it was all over the news and it was like a very big deal," said Rose during the interview. “It was all over the paper. I'm sorry. It was about gay rights but it didn't need to get that big." But Rose was quick to correct the record about those comments. “Of all the rumors written about me nothing is more frightening than that I've 'had a change of heart with Tony ABBOTT!'” she tweeted. This is not the first time that Rose has aired her opinions about Abbott on social media. In a 2013 tweet, where Rose likened Abbott to “a drunk moron who spills out of a pub and spews on the ground". “You are that spew. That spew is you,” she tweeted. A same-sex marriage bill proposing the legalisation of Australian is scheduled for introduction to the Australian Parliament on August 11, with discussion in the Liberal party room on August 18. Words by TROY NANKERVIS.