Runner finishes marathon with his balls hanging out live on television

A man was left red-faced this week when he accidentally exposed himself live on television. Runner Jozef Urban was completing the Slovakian marathon when he accidentally flashed onlookers when his, erm, package, slipped out of his shorts. While that would have been enough as is, it gets worse when you realise that on top of the crowd at the event, thousands of people were watching at home from the comfort of their living rooms. It wasn't even a brief moment of embarrassment. Sadly, the poor guy didn't even seem to notice he was flapping around in the breeze. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people getting a peek at your package. MORTIFYING. This is exactly why we are against the idea of ever going for a run. Flashing commuters in our short shorts on a Monday morning wouldn't be good for anyone. Watch the NSFW clip below: