RuPaul's Drag Race Lego could be about to become a reality

The Lego set we all wish we'd had a child could be about to become a reality, after a RuPaul's Drag Race super fan submitted an idea to the iconic toy manufacture for a new set inspired by the popular Logo reality show. Mark Fitzpatrick has been working on the idea for over two years, and has created a cast full of locations and fan favourites contestants. Designs dreamt up by Mark include the workroom, main stage, a TV monitor for RuPaul's SheMail, and even a Hollywood mirror for those unlucky brick-based queens to write a departing message. Figurines for a 'Clutch Game' (the Lego version of Snatch Game) set inspired by some of the show's greatest impersonations include Jinkx Monsoon as Little Edie, Bianca del Rio as Judge Judy, Milk features as Julia Child, Katya as Björk and Alyssa Edwards as Katy Perry.   The idea has already been submitted to Lego Ideas project, where public proposals must attract 10,000 supporters for Lego to consider making them a reality as official sets. Mark believes the world of Drag Race is the perfect fit for the popular toy brand, explaining: "At its core, the subject material this set is based on is whimsical, colourful and full of life and I think these are qualities that marry well with the medium of LEGO." Urging fellow Drag Race fans to help make the set a reality, he adds: “If you can’t support this LEGO Ideas project, how're you gonna love someone else's?!” You can support Mark's idea and check out more of his brilliant designs here. More stories: Sir Ian McKellen talks life before legalisation in first ever episode of Attitude Heroes Sydney gay killings of '80s and '90s inspired new Australian drama 'Deep Water'