Rupert Everett: 'In so many ways I admire gay dads more than straight [ones]'

The actor faced backlash after saying there's nothing worse than gay parents back in 2012


Rupert Everett has said his gay dads comment was a “case of fake news”.

Back in 2012, the actor caused a considerable amount of backlash from the LGBT community after he said “there’s nothing worse than gay parents” in an interview with the Sunday Times magazine.

But now, in an exclusive interview with Attitude’s summer issue, the actor – who is currently promoting his new film The Happy Prince – has said his comment was taken out of context.

He said: “The gay dads thing was an absolute case of fake news, if you will.

“It was an interview I did with my mother and what you view across, they will find a voice from within that community to endorse it for them.

“I was saying how much I loved my mother. In so many ways I admire gay dads more than straight [ones], those people who have children without thought.

“It takes so much more consideration to be a gay dad because of the practicalities involved and because you know that you are bringing a child into a complicated world.

“I have nothing but admiration for them, despite not wanting children myself.”

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