Russell T Davies talks the cast and plot of 'Cucumber'

Russell T Davies reveals some in-depth details about Channel 4's upcoming gay-themed drama Cucumber in the latest issue of Attitude. The Queer As Folk creator discusses why he thinks people will want to watch the highly anticipated show, describing it as "enormous fun" with some "very adult" moments. Russell T Davies "I think it's so honestly gay, I think it'll find itself saying things you've been thinking for years, and never dared to say," says Russell. He continues: "I think sometimes it says things you've never realised and it can come as a shock to you. I think it's fun. It's enormous fun, but it has very dark and very real moments and very adult moments; but it's very much fun. It's very enjoyable to watch, it's not particularly weighed down by issues." Russell goes on to discuss Cucumber's characters, revealing who he thinks viewers will love to love and those they might find themselves loving to hate. "Another young talent is Fisayo Akinade who plays Dean, and he's gorgeous. This is one of his first TV shows. I think he had one line in Fresh meat. I think he'll be huge. He's just so likeable on screen; he's funny and witty and fast. Freddie Fox is kind of a Charlie Hunnam equivalent, in a way, in that he's young and beautiful," he explains. " I think people will be fascinated by hm. I think everyone will love Vincent Franklin who plays 46 year-old Henry - he's hilarious. He's one of those characters who says all the things you should never say. Who just doesn't give a fuck about being polite, and will just push it, and off he goes. He can get malicious and vindictive; he's marvellous. Just like that. He's his own worst enemy," adds Russell. Cast members Freddie Fox, Vincent Franklin, Cyril Niri, Jim Murray, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Fisayo Akinade and Dino Fetscher all appear on the cover of the Travel Issue, which is available to download now! att253_COVER The new issue – the Travel Issue – also includes interviews with Imitation Game star and Oscar front-runner Benedict Cumberbatch and legendary British actress Amanda Barrie, as well as hot new shoots with Shayne Ward and Thom Evans. In the Travel Issue we also delve into the best gay destinations you never thought to explore, the old classics, and examine the recent spate of LGBT people being arrested and imprisoned in countries where being gay is illegal. The new issue of Attitude is available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now atPocketmags.com/Attitude, and will be out in shops from next Wednesday (January 7). You can also have it delivered directly to your door at newsstand.co.uk. Even better, you can purchase a 13 issue digital subscription to Attitude for ONLY £17.49 as part of our January sale (ends January 15) from Pocketmags.com/Attitude.