Russell T Davies 'welcomes' being called a 'daddy' as he gets older

The 'Queer as Folk' creator reveals he has no qualms with the term as he takes part in Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge.


Russell T Davies says he welcomes being referred to as a 'daddy' as he gets older.

The Queer as Folk creator, whose new '80s-set drama Boys is currently shooting in Manchester, jokes that he's happy to "advertise" his 'daddy' status in the latest episode of Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge, which tasks LGBTQ stars and allies with defining terms commonly used in the queer community.

Asked to explain the meaning of the term 'daddy' - which indicates and older partner or a partner in a position of dominance - Davies replies: "I welcome this word as I get older, at 56 years-old, thank you very much."

The screenwriter and recent Attitude Culture Award winner continues: "Can I say, now you look at porn, it says 'Daddy' [and] they must be 31! It's cheating! I'm 56, I'm happily a 'daddy' thank you very much.


"Boys, just to advertise that - hello!"

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a man who introduced rimming to British TV audiences on Queer as Folk two decades ago, Davies fares fairly well at defining the slang terms thrown at him during the LGBTQ Slang Challenge - though he's stumped when asked to define the term '100 Footer' (a phrase used to describe someone you can tell is queer from a great distance).

"That's just a big c**k! What is it?" explaims Russell upon hearing the term, before being given a clue.

"Ohhh, is it a big great flaming gay? That you can spot him like he's visible from space?" he proffers. "Gotcha".

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