Russell Tovey defends casting straight actors in gay roles

The actor has played both gay and straight roles


Russell Tovey has no problem with a straight actor playing a gay role.

Recently, the movie industry saw a range of LGBT+ films being released but many of them featured straight actors taking on gay roles, including Love, Simon, Call Me By Your Name and God’s Own Country.

However, Tovey – who is engaged to Steve Brockman – has made a career out of playing both sexualities and believes that the role should go to the best actor no matter what their sexual preferences are.

He told Queerty: “I love it. The best actor should be playing the part. Gay, straight or whatever, they should have the opportunity.

“I don’t feel any annoyance at a gay role going to a straight person as I hope a straight person wouldn’t be annoyed at a gay person playing a straight role.

“As long as it goes to the best actor, I don’t see the problem.”

When asked if he believes there is an imbalance in the film industry and whether it’s harder for out actors to get roles, he admitted he doesn’t think that’s the case these days.

He said: “Maybe back in the day. I don’t think that’s the case now. A lot of projects that have gay roles have been taken by superb out gay actors.

“I think it is balanced. I feel like we’re in an age now where if Hollywood’s doing a gay movie they’ll find a gay person for a gay role.

“I hope that whatever I’ve done has helped the movement towards that.”