Russell Tovey gets his kit off as he makes his debut in 'Quantico' season 2 - PICS

Hot and heavy US crime drama Quantico returned to US screens on Sunday night (September 25), and if you're not watching, we have two words that will change your mind. Russell. Tovey. Oh wait, two more: Locker. Room. Yep, the Looking hunk is back on TV and will feature as a recurring character in season 2 of ABC's critically acclaimed show, which racked up audiences of over 8 million during its first season as it followed government agents as they progress to special agents, navigating danger, mystery and each other's secrets, as it becomes clearer and clearer that nobody is who they seem. As US-born, UK-raised thief Harry Doyle, Tovey manages to lose his shirt as soon as the second episode, meaning you've only got to commit to the premiere of season two before you're reaping in the benefits. “[He will] steal your wallet, drain your funds, and then put the wallet back in your pocket,” Tovey told EW. “He’s a bit of an Artful Dodger.” We've rounded up some of the highlights from season two's second episode, which sees Tovey the dark, wearing nothing but a towel. Joined by equally clumsy co-star Jack McLaughlin, you'd best make sure you have a heavy supply of water available before watching because it's going to make you thirsty... quantico_201_20 quantico_201_25 quantico_201_37 quantico_201_33 quantico_201_10   quantico_201_tovey_6 quantico_201_tovey_12 quantico_201_tovey_14 quantico_201_tovey_20 'Quantico' season two airs in the US Sundays at 10pm on ABC. Season can be streamed online now at More stories: King Cobra’s first full-length trailer is here – and it doesn’t hold back Get the look for less: Recreate the best celebrity looks from London Fashion Week