Russell Tovey gets steamy with Jay Armstrong Johnson in the latest 'Quantico': PICS

American FBI thriller Quantico's season two newcomer Harry, played by Looking star Russel Tovey was described as someone who's “just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick pocket when it’s over.” And it looks like he hasn't waited long to get down to his antics, as the most recent episode sees him sleeping with Will Olsen, played by Jay Armstrong Johnson. Living up to his "adult artful dodger" description, Harry is sleeping with Will while using the fake name Julian. "“Some people like to reveal themselves slowly. You should let them,” Harry tells him. But can Harry, or should we say "Julian" really be trusted? We're not convinced.   Check out some of the snaps from their encounter below. 4y5ghnz-1 cxkay10 pgnfjay 0nzkqro ugm2z1r egadezu wimlva2 dybjlfk sqizseo uuwrq4c 4y5ghnz Read more:  Russel Tovey strips down to his undies in the new series of Quantico: PICS Trans youth are finally getting some representation, but some parents aren’t happy about it