Russia calls for UN to vote to block benefits for staff in same-sex marriages

Russia has called on the United Nations to vote to stop providing benefits to couples in same-sex marriages. The move comes after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon previously said the organisation would recognise all staff's same-sex marriages and allow them to receive benefits. 588770Putin_Banki However, Russia now wants the General Assembly Fifth Committee, who handle the budget, to vote on the issue, which will take place on Tuesday (March 24). The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's Director of Programs Jessica Stern previously warned that Russia was "looking for any excuse to curtain" Ban Ki-moon's authority. She said: "It's no secret that the Secretary-General and Russia have been at cross-purposes over Ukraine and Syria, and the Russians have found the perfect political vehicle for attacking him." Reuters reports that an anonymous diplomat has warned that it is unclear how much support Russia will receive from other members. Ban Ki-moon previously criticised Russia for it's attacks on the LGBT community. More Stories: Rugby referee calls on fans to avoid homophobic abuse Church of Scotland's proposal for gay ministers faces further opposition