Ryan Murphy to launch new fund to target anti-LGBT politicians running for office

The 'Glee' creator revealed the news at the 2018 TrevorLIVE LA gala


Ryan Murphy announced a new fund to stop anti-LGBT politicians running for office.

The screenwriter, director and producer – who is best known for Glee, Pose and American Horror Story – was speaking at the 2018 TrevorLIVE Los Angeles gala on Monday (December 3) where he revealed that the fund will be set up in 2020.

Murphy said he was inspired to start the fund after the American midterm elections this November which saw a record-breaking number of LGBT candidates winning seats.

He said: “It was the midterms this year that gave me home. One after one, anti-LGBTQ candidates who made hate speech and ideology part of their legacy fell, disgraced and eliminated by candidates (who were largely boosted by victory by young and female voters, by the way.)

“The number was astounding to me — over 20 anti-LGBTQ right wing politicians and their horrifying views were  gone in a day. Dana Rohrabacher, Mia Love, Jason Lewis, Pete Sessions — bigots, all of them.

“And all replaced by allies, new politicians who won’t spread harmful and wrong rhetoric that can lead a young LGBTQ person to actually believe they are not good enough or worthy enough to stay on this earth anymore.

“I want to do more of this kind of outreach for young people who are struggling. I want these hateful and wrong politicians to go and to stop polluting our moral and ethical ether.

“Based on this fall, I think it’s now possible to create a movement to protect and nourish our own.

“In 2020, I’m going to create and fund, with corporate sponsorship, a multimillion-dollar organization that targets anti-LGBTQ candidates running for office.

“We are narrowing our focus to 20 of them, Senate and Congressional candidates who think they can get votes by hurting and discriminating against us.

“Well, we can get votes too and we can fight back.”

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people.