Sam Smith doesn't mind if their gender-neutral pronouns 'confuse' you

"When people say it confuses them, I kind of enjoy confusing them."


Sam Smith says they don't mind "confusing" people when it comes to their use of gender-neutral pronouns, as they continue to draw attention to the existence of non-binary identities.

Sam, who has been subjected to ignorant remarks from media figures including Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan since coming out as non-binary earlier this year, opens up about their experiences as they takes part in episode three of Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge.

The multi-million-selling British solo artist, 27, says they "enjoy" challenging people to understand gender-neutral terminology as they themselves continue to feel "more comfortable" with their identity.

Tasked with explaining the meaning of 'neo-pronouns' - personal pronouns used by people whose gender lies outside of the male/female binary, Sam explains: "Neo-pronouns are pronouns that are not 'him'/'he', 'she/'her', 'they/'them'.

"'Z', I think, stuff like that... [there are] loads of really interesting ones."

The 'How D You Sleep? singer goes on: "When it comes to my pronouns it's been a wild one.

"'Him' and 'he' is becoming more and more... uncomfortable I guess, the more comfortable I'm getting with myself. But neo-pronouns are new to me, I'd love to look into them more."

Circling back to their own identity, they add: "But 'they' and 'them', I do like that, I do enjoy that.

"And when people say it confuses them, I kind of enjoy confusing them'."

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