Sam Smith faces backlash after saying he doesn't like Michael Jackson

The singer was criticised after Adam Lambert accidentally put a video on social media


Sam Smith has been slammed by Twitter users after saying he doesn’t like Michael Jackson.

The ‘Writings on the Wall’ singer was spending the day with the new Queen frontman – and former Attitude cover star – Adam Lambert when he was seen and heard saying he doesn’t like the iconic King of Pop.

In the video – which appears to have been deleted from Lambert’s Instagram account – the two are relaxing on a boat listening to music, when Smith says: “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song”.

Safe to say, Twitter went crazy for his comments with many jumping to attack Smith – who was accused of ‘ripping off’ Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ for the Bond theme.

One wrote: “Sam Smith liked Michael Jackson enough to rip off one of his songs though lol”

And another said: “Sam Smith said he doesn’t like Michael Jackson FIRST OF ALL THE FUCKING AUDACITY SECOND”

Another raged: “Sam Smith doesn’t like Michael Jackson. The same Sam Smith whose Bond theme sounded like Earth Song?”

However, others jumped to his defence saying everyone has their own opinion and likes.

“Okay but in all seriousness, idk why people would drag Sam Smith for not liking Michael Jackson. not everyone has to like every celebrity. it’s so dumb to start drama over. we are all human. just don’t bring attention to it,” they added.