Sam Smith says he's never had a boyfriend

Sam Smith's recent proclamation that he wants to take a break from music to “spend some time dating” should come as no surprise, after the 23-year-old revealed he's never got to the stage of calling someone his 'boyfriend'. During the press tour for Spectre - for which he's written history-making theme tune ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ - the Sam spoke with E! News about dating in the public eye, and admitted he doesn't have any pre-fame romantic experience to compare it to. [embed]https://instagram.com/p/9lItKTR2X2/[/embed] "I’ve never had a boyfriend so I don’t really know any different, which I think is very lucky actually", Smith said. "I’m still learning on what’s right and what’s normal in dates." The four-time Grammy winner added: "I think with anyone, you’ve got to learn how to trust people and there’s different challenges and hurdles in my life now but I’m trying to remain as normal as I was before." When asked if he was ready for a new boyfriend, Sam replied, "Is anyone ready for a relationship? I don’t know. Who knows?" "I’ve been single now for 23 years so I don’t know. It’s going to take something." ssam   Sam was previously linked to dancer Jonathan Seizel, whom he met on the set of the ‘Like I Can’ music video and split up from in January. Rumours also swirled that he went on a few dates with Charlie King earlier this year. Earlier this month, Sam announced a hiatus from music after performing at LA’s Hollywood Bowl. More stories: Dad defends son's Cruella De Vil Halloween costume Win £500 worth of store credit at MR PORTER