Sam Strike on 'EastEnders' exit: 'Johnny peaked too early'

EastEnders actor Sam Strike has opened up about his recent exit from the BBC soap. The Johnny Carter actor admitted that he didn't really feel like his character was "necessary", adding that he feels he peaked too early with his coming out storyline. Sam_Strike_to_leave_Johnny_Carter_role_on_EastEnders In a lengthly interview with Digital Spy, Strike said of the reasons for his exit: "It was a mixture of things. One was definitely to try new things. I wanted to do acting as a career because you're constantly playing different people and that's what interests me. "On EastEnders, you're playing a character more than you are yourself. You spend more time in your character's skin than in your own, so there was that aspect of it. I also didn't really feel like at the time my character was necessarily needed in EastEnders. When I was in talks about leaving, I spoke to the people that I'd been working with the most - including Dom the executive producer and the Carters. "I said to them that if there was anything they really wanted me to do we'd do that, as I didn't want to leave people high and dry. At that time I didn't feel that Johnny was totally necessary, but I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I have a whole new respect for soaps and the vast quantity of work they have to do. It's a real feat that they pull off sometimes!" he added. EastEnders The actor - who accepted the Media Recognition prize for EastEnders at last year's Attitude Awards - said that he is sure that the show's writers "had a lot more to give to Johnny". "I'm sure the writers and the people in the office had a lot more to give to Johnny, and it's an ensemble effort so everyone's got to get their bit, but I kind of feel like Johnny peaked quite early with that. "Don't get me wrong, though - I was totally happy and really lucky to be given that storyline, as it was an opportunity to impress the viewers as soon as I went in. That was a blessing and I really appreciated that. It was a really nice thing to have. Also, they had that storyline written before they'd even cast me. I was really grateful for the fact that they trusted me to pull something like that off before they knew what I could do," he concluded. More Stories: > ‘EastEnders’ boss: ‘No plans to recast Johnny Carter’ > Barbara Windsor to return to ‘EastEnders’ in 2015