Same-sex couple and three children who plunged off cliff were not wearing seatbelts, police reveal

Police are currently investigating the crash


A lesbian couple and their three adopted children who plunged off a cliff in their car were not wearing their seatbelts, police have revealed. 

Jennifer and Sarah Hart died alongside there three children Markis, 19, Jeremiah and Abigail, both 14, when their car plunged off a Californian cliff last month. 

A news release from the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office revealed that Jennifer and Sarah were not wearing seatbelts. 

The statement read: "Information released... by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office incorrectly stated that Jennifer Hart and Sarah Hart were wearing a seat-belt during the incident. Investigators from the California Highway Patrol... determined Jennifer Hart and Sarah Hart were not wearing seat-belts during the incident."

According to police, the three children found amongst the crash were also not wearing seatbelts. Meanwhile, the couple's three other children, Devonte, Hannah and Sierra, were not found alongside the crash and are thought to have washed out to sea. 

CNN reports that authorities recovered a body near the Northern California site where the accident occurred. The body was spotted floating in the Pacific Ocean yesterday (April 7) by holidayers.

Police reveal that the body appears to be of an African-American female, but have yet t determine the age or identity of the body. 

Police are investigating the crash but much of the family's troubled history leading up to the crash is unknown. The Hart's were living in Washington with their six adopted children and it has since emerged that child services officials had begun investigating the Harts for "alleged abuse or neglect".