Same-sex couple raped, murdered and set on fire in horrific attack

The eight suspects charged over the attack are set to appear in court today (Jan 18) to request bail


A lesbian couple have been murdered in a brutal attack near their home in Mooinooi, South Africa.

Joey and Anisha van Niekerk were last seen leaving to attend a funeral on December 10. But when they never arrived, police began a search that uncovered their burned out car six days later. 

After a further search, the charred remains of the couple were discovered on the side of the road just a few miles from their home. 

It's alleged that the pair were kept in a container on one of the accused’s property before they were brutally tortured and murdered.

Authorities have arrested eight suspects, both male and female, in connection with the attack, who range in age from 18 to 53.

The Van Niekerks tied the knot three years ago, and had lived in Mooinooi ever since. 

Anisha's clearly devastated brother told the South African press: “My perspective on this - everyone has their own way of feeling about this - I was initially very mad when I heard of all the things that is being alleged‚ that they were tortured and raped before they were killed, but I take solace in the fact that justice will prevail and that the accused will be dealt with by the law.

"At this stage nothing will give us the answers that we want as to why they were killed so brutally‚” he added. 

Despite the seriousness of the crimes, the eight suspects will attend a bail hearing this afternoon (January 18) in a bid to secure their temporary release.