Same-sex couples split house chores evenly, until having children, says study

The new study found these roles are not about gender but society


New studies reveal that same-sex couples evenly divide up household chores compared to heterosexual couples.

The new research found that although same-sex relationships equally divide the work but when they have children, things often begin to divide similarly to heterosexual couples.

One partner often has higher earnings and one takes on the role of housewife/househusband including child care.

The study found that these roles are not just about gender but that society is built for single-earner families, the New York Times reported.

Robert-Jay Green, professor emeritus at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, said: “Once you have children, it starts to almost pressure the couple into this kind of division of labour, and we’re seeing this now even in same-sex couples.

“Circumstances conspire on every level to get you to fall back in this traditional role.”

Dozen of studies of gay and lesbian couples have found that they divide unpaid labour in a more egalitarian way as they don’t have traditional gender roles to fall back on.