Sanjay Sood-Smith: 'I used to cuddle with James Hill on the sofa'

Sanjay Sood Smith has thrown caution to the wind and taken off his clothes for Attitude's Naked Issue. Alongside the openly gay Apprentice star's sexy shoot is an interview where he tells us about everything from his coming out experience to how he came to terms with being physically attacked because of his sexuality.   When asked about whether he was distracted by fellow Naked Issue star James Hill walking around the Apprentice house in just his pants, Sood-Smith revealed that they pair actually used to cuddle on the sofa during their time on the show. "James is a great guy and I definitely think he's hot. I certainly wasn't complaining about him spending most of the time walking around the house wearing very little," he said. "We got on really well and out of all the guys he was probably the one that was most comfortable with me being gay. We used to have a little cuddle on the sofa while watching TV in the evenings. He's going to kill me for telling you that," he added. You can read the full interview with Sanjay, and pore over his stunning new naked shoot, in the new issue of Attitude – the Naked Issue – which is available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now, at Over 30 guys – including TOWIE’s Charlie King, Dan Osborne, Eastenders’ Davood Ghadami and Apprentice star James Hill – have stripped off over almost 100 pages as part of our #getnakedbesafe safe sex campaign, and you can take a peek at what they’ve got in store for you with ourexclusive teaser video. We also speak to Newsnight and Dragon’s Den host Evan Davis in his first ever gay press interview, where he discusses the state of British politics ahead of May’s general election and being one of the most prominent gay men on TV. The issue is out now in shops, and you can also have it delivered directly to your door at And remember, #getnakedbesafe. covers ALL