School bans boy from wearing Princess Elsa costume on fancy dress day

A 13-year old-boy from California has been ordered to remove his Princess Elsa costume during a fancy dress day at his school because teachers thought it was "inappropriate". Austin Lacey, who is in the 8th grade at Ethan Chase Middle School in Menifee, says students were encouraged to dress as Disney characters for the school's 'Spirit Day', and he close Elsa, from the hit movie Frozen. He said it was well received by his classmates, who took selfies with him, but the school principal intervened and told him the outfit was inappropriate, and forced him to remove it. 12646714_10153999604354614_3734435106443070688_o Lacey's mother told KTLA 5 News, “He was later informed that the principal does not believe that boys should be dressed like girls.” In a statement from the Romoland School District Superintendent, Dr. Julie Vitale defended the principal's actions, saying, "This action was taken in accordance with district policies. At no time was there an indication that the student was expressing any particular message." She added, "The principal's action was based upon the need to stop a general disruption to the school environment." 12647111_10153999603339614_6536738658315087637_n More stories One million moms are protesting against a lesbian kiss on Once Upon A Time Adele lets son dress up as Frozen's Princess Anna for trip to Disneyland