School governor brands LGBTQ-inclusive lessons as 'child grooming'

Peter Hughes called for Christian parents to follow the parents protesting outside schools


Words: Steve Brown

A school governor has branded LGBTQ-inclusive lessons as 'child grooming' and they 'open the door for sexual predators'.

Peter Hughes, a local reverend and ex-officio foundation governor at St Alban's Church of England Primary School, in South Yorkshire, ranted in a church magazine and called for Christian parents to 'take back control' and follow the example of Muslim parents who are protesting outside Birmingham schools.

In the piece, he slammed the government's Relationship and Sex Education programme - which is set to be introduced in school's across England as of next year - and called it 'state sponsored child abuse' and that all children are being indoctrinated with Marxist LGBTQ ideology.

Hughes went on to call the lessons 'a form of child grooming' and 'sexual indoctrination' before outrageously saying it opens the door for sexual predators.

He accused LGBTQ activists of imposing an 'anti-Christian and harmful' philosophy and compared it to that of the Trojan horse. 

Hughes said: "Christian parents need to follow the example of our Muslim neighbours" and "insist on their basic human right to have their children educated according to their own beliefs."

In response to his letter, Alastair Lichten, of the National Secular Society, slammed Hughes' comments and called them 'entirely inappropriate' for a school governor to make.

He said: "Mr Hughes is entitled to his views, however uninformed or discriminatory. But such an outburst is entirely inappropriate from a school governor.

"The hysterical, conspiratorial views of anti-RSE campaigners are spreading across reactionary religious groups. They are leading to a campaign of hate and fear which endangers schools and fuels homophobia.

"Smearing the transmission of knowledge of LGBT people as child abuse send a vicious message to LGBT pupils, parents and local people.

"Comprehensive, age appropriate and equality-based RSE enjoys overwhelming support across the political and religious spectrum. The loud minority and their ludicrous claims that RSE is an anti-religious conspiracy must be confronted.

"This also shows how inappropriate it is to have religious representatives given automatic places as school governors. This is a product of a faith-based education system, where reactionaries inevitably gain undue power to shape school policies."