School principal outs gay student to parents in valedictorian speech row

A Colorado charter school blocked a class valedictorian from delivering a graduation speech in which he planned to come out as gay. 18-year-old Evan Young as graduating from Longmont's Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School, but was told just minutes before he was due to speak that he was losing the honour and would no longer address his classmates. BBkp7O7 The school's principal BJ Buchmann reportedly requested edits to the speech, something Young has said he agreed too, but refused to remove mention of his sexuality. "My main theme is that you're supposed to be respectful of people, even if you don't agree with them. I figured my gayness would be a very good way to address that," he told local press. In an attempt to resolve the situation, Buchmann contacted the student's parents, outing Young before he had had chance to speak with them. 'My parents are very liberal. I think they were totally OK with it. But I was not OK with it," Young said. "I think what it mainly showed is that he didn't have a lot of sympathy for me, or someone in my position. "He didn't understand how personal a thing it was, and that I wasn't just going to share it with people randomly, for no reason. I thought it was very inconsiderate for him to do something like that, especially without asking me first." School attorney Barry Arrington said in the statement that Young's graduation speech was not an appropriate time to "push his personal agenda on a captive audience." The school's board of directors added that the speech had been cancelled in order to "protect the solemnity of the evening and to preserve and protect the mission of the school". LGBT support group Out Boulder has invited Young to deliver his speech at their annual awards event on Sunday. More Stories: Ugandan newspaper reports on 'bum drillers' at Birmingham Pride Cardiff gay couple 'kicked out of club for kissing'