Scottish adoption agencies are actively encouraging same-sex couples to adopt

Adoption agencies in Scotland have begun a drive to encourage more same-sex couples to consider adoption and fostering, according to the Herald Scotland. According to the news site, there are "thousands of children in Scotland waiting to be adopted or fostered". Supporting the drive are James and Neil Smith, the first same-sex couple to successfully adopt a child, Sam, in the country. Speaking about their experience, James said: "being parents is better than what we expected. Samuel is a fabulous, bright and inquisitive wee boy and we all have a loving relationship. James and Neil with their son, Sam. "We can't imagine life without him, and it's like he's always been here." "It's been amazing growing up with two dads", added 10 year old Sam. "Neil knows IT and can help me fix things and James makes me laugh. "We have fun and when I go to school no one has ever teased me about it." The Chief Executive of the charity Scottish Adoption, Margaret Moyes has spoken highly of same-sex adoption, noting that "children have flourished in the care of their adoptive parents and LGBT adoption has become a mainstream part of their adoption work, with the numbers of couples and single adopters who are LGBT increasing every year. "Given there are still more children in Scotland needing adoptive parents than there are adoptive parents coming forward, we would encourage anyone interested in getting more information to get in touch with them or any of the other adoption agencies in Scotland." Read more: UKIP remove a candidate who said homosexuality is “abnormal” The 9th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has officially got the green light