Sense8 star Brian J. Smith hints the show ISN'T be returning for a third season

It looks like Sense8 may not be getting a third season. The cult Netflix series has been running for two seasons, and it's fast become one of the most loved shows on the streaming service thanks to its incredibly passionate die-hard fanbase. However, actor Brian J. Smith, who plays police officer Will Gorski, has dropped a massive hint that Netflix bosses are considering axing the show for good. Taking to Twitter he retweeted a fan who had urged people to tweet about the series - which reportedly costs about $9 million per episode to produce - so it would get a season three order, and added: "This might be a good time to start making some noise." Panicked fans immediately began responding, with one saying: "OH MY GOD I'M SO SCARED IF THEY ARE SERIOUSLY DOUBTING FOR SEASON 3 HOW R WE SUPPOSED TO HAVE 10 SEASONS THIS SHOW CAN NEVER DIE." While another added: "oh my god the fact you had to tweet this made me sad. I WONT LET IT CANCEL ITS TOO GOOD" Attitude has reached out to Netflix for comment. In the meantime, get tweeting!