Sense8: Watch the first trailer for the action-packed series finale

It's the beginning of the end.


With three weeks to go until we say a final farewell to Sense8, our first look at the eagerly-anticipated finale special is here.

The sweeping sci-fi show's feature-length final episode promises to tie up all the loose ends for our cluster of heroes after two seasons of drama, intrigue and telepathic intercontinental orgies (god, we really will miss this show).

The Sense8 finale will premiere on Netflix on June 8, 12 months after the series was axed after two season, prompting uproar from both fans and stars of the show alike.

The globe-trotting drama won plaudits on its debut back in 2015 for its broad scope and diverse cast of characters including trans woman hacktivist Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton) and closted Spanish actor Lito Rodriguez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre).

Despite early critical acclaim and a die-hard fanbase, Sense8's second season was marred by the departure of Lily Wachowski just weeks into production, and it seems that Netflix were unwilling to continue production of a show that reportedly cost up to $9 million per episode to produce.

Meanwhile, you can read our interview with show star Max Riemelt, in which he talks full-frontal scenes and kissing his male co-stars, here.

The Sense8 finale special premieres on June 8 on Netflix. Check out the first official trailer below: