Sesame Street puts on a colourful show of support for LGBT Pride month

Sesame Street has been praised after showing its support for the LGBT Pride month with an uplifting message of love and acceptance on Twitter. The iconic kids' TV show shared a special image to mark gay pride celebrations around the world to its official Twitter account on Friday (23 June). Featuring some of the  most beloved characters stood side-by-side in a recreation of the gay Pride rainbow flag, the colourful display of LGBT+ support was captioned: "Sesame Street is proud to support families of all shapes, sizes, and colors." The tweet was lapped up by fans of the long-running series, which debuted in 1969 and sees iconic characters including Big Bird, Elmo and Oscar educate and entertain children through games, sketches and song. "Sesame Street was an important part of my childhood, thrilled that their messages of respect for tolerance & diversity continue today!" one Twitter user. Another added: "The thing I liked most about the characters/muppets was that I never was under pressure to assign genders to any of them." It was all too much for one, who admitted: "I am freaking crying I have been watching Sesame Street since my very first breath." Happy Pride! More stories: Ricky Martin opens up about filming first gay sex scene for American Crime Story: Versace These twins realised they were both gay after accidentally hooking up with the same guy