Shangela urges fans to stop hating on Trixie Mattel following Drag Race All Stars 3 victory

Shangela lost out on the crown after a shocking twist in last week's season finale.


Shangela has finally opened up about her shock elimination during the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race Alls Stars 3

The closely-fought season came to a climax last week, with Trixie Mattel clinching the crown after a shock twist which saw the eliminated queens vote to decide which of the four finalists would make it to the final two.

Shangela, who along with Trixie went into the final as a favourite for the title, secured just a single (second-choice) vote from Thorgy Thor, leading to her immediate elimination.

The shock exit caused uproar among many viewers on social media, with the hashtag #ShangelaWasRobbed trending in the hours after the finale aired and Trixie herself receiving abuse from disappointed viewers.

Shangela has now commented on the controversy, urging fans not send hate to Trixie or the eliminated queens who knocked her out of the competition.

"I don't think sending hate or negativity is the way to deal with it", she told Entertainment Weekly.

"The way I've always dealt with disappointment or challenges in my life is to find the bright spot and focus on it. Keep working hard and you will have your day in the sun. That's how I hope my fans will be."

The drag star continued: "Don't throw hate at Trixie. She wasn't even on the jury who cut the four finalists down to the top two. But I wouldn't throw hate to [the eliminated] girls, either."

She added: "The best way to move forward is to do just that: move forward with love and light."

Shangela - real name D.J. Pierce - added that she appreciated the "lovely messages" she'd received from fans in the aftermath of the finale, before promising to rise from the ashes with a charactertic Game of Thrones reference.

"I need them and I appreciate them," the queen said of the messages she'd been sent.

"I was also disappointed [by not winning], but the only thing you can control in life - even when the rules change - is how you react.

"And the way that I'm reacting is to stay motivated. Trust me, honey, I will never give up. I'm Daenerys Stormborn!"