Sharp increase in men and boys being treated for eating disorders

There has been a significant increase in the number of men and boys being treated for eating disorders in England. A BBC Breakfast investigation found a 27% increase in the number of men and boys being treated as outpatients for eating disorders in the UK over the last three years. The amount of men and boys being treated went up by a third in just one year alone. This is double the rise recorded among women and girls, though there are still far more females being treated for eating disorders. Men and boys now account for 8% of all those treated for eating disorders. The recent Body Issue of Attitude revealed how gay men really feel about their bodies, and addressed issues such as body image and eating disorders. Our editor-in-chief Matt Cain stripped off in front of the camera to demonstrate how the bodies people see in photos are often completely detached from reality and can contribute to body image issues. In a 'Real Bodies' special, Matt's body is subjected to the tricks and techniques used by many magazines to enhance the male body, with everything from contouring dehydration, lighting and post-production techniques used to create the typical 'dream body'. "Our relationship with our body is one of the most important we’ll ever have. It’s one that can bring us intense pleasure but can also cause huge stress," Matt said. "And it’s one that we can’t end with a quick, easy break-up." He adds: "The version of my body we created is very much a fantasy. I hope when readers see it they’ll understand this. I hope it will stop them looking at hot bodies in magazines and asking, "Why can’t I look like that?'." More stories: Attitude readers get naked and talk body confidence (NSFW) Chechen authorities ‘summon parents to prison camps to kill their gay sons’