Shawn Mendes wants to buy Justin Bieber's sweaty underwear

The singer wants to know where Bieber wore the underwear


Shawn Mendes wants to buy Justin Bieber’s sweaty underwear.

The ‘In My Blood’ singer joined James Corden on the recent Carpool Karaoke segment where the two discussed how Mendes’ mum still does his laundry despite moving into his own place.

During their discussion, Corden said Bieber never washes his underwear but instead gets a new pair each day and sells his used underwear online, to which Mendes quipped: “I’d buy them.”

Corden then asked how much he would be willing to pay and Mendes said he wouldn’t pay anymore than $500, but insisted he wants to know what he did when he was wearing them.

He said: “I want to know what he did [in them].

“[They could be] the pair of underpants [Justin] played hockey in… otherwise they’re just pointless to me.”

Well, whatever floats your boat!

Watch the segment below: