Shirtless violinist gives Game of Thrones theme tune a hot new overhaul - WATCH

Just when we thought our anticipation for season seven of Game of Thrones couldn't get any higher, a professional musician has decided to turn up the heat in Westeros with a video that sees him perform those infamous opening strings sans shirt. The video sees Matthew Olson - who performs under the apt moniker of 'The Shirtless Violinist' - tackle the hit fantasy drama's theme tune and famous 'Light of the Seven' song against a series of stunning backdrops while channelling the leather-clad looks of characters including the fearsome Kahl Drogo. Even more impressive is that the video was directed and edited by Matthew's boyfriend Paul, who suffers from a degenerative eye disease and is legally blind. Proof, it any were needed, that nothing should get in the way of pursuing your dreams. Game of Thrones premieres in the US on 16 July on HBO. It was air simultaneously on in the UK on Sky Atlantic at 2am BST on 17 July, with a repeat to follow at 9pm that night. More stories: Iraqi actor and model killed 'for looking gay' Life in America's only gay street gang explored in new doc from Louis C.K. - WATCH