Shirtless violinist turns Beauty and the Beast into a gay love story

For anyone who was offended by Disney's inclusion of a brief same-sex moment in Beauty and the Beast, you might want to look away now. Shirtless violinist, Matthew Olson, is back with a brand new video that turns the Disney classic into a gay love story - and he still manages to show off his abs, obviously. Opening up about his decision to make the brilliant spoof, he's explained it wasn't actually in his original plan to include his boyfriend. He said: "When I first had the idea to cover Beauty and the Beast, I wanted to keep the video fairly simple. I envisioned myself (transformed into the Beast) with a beautiful dancer floating around me in a ballroom. "No frills, no story, just a pretty song and some sweeping camera movements. But when the 'gay controversy' erupted over the new live-action version of the film, it sparked another idea. "What if, instead of a ballroom dancer, I asked a drag queen to perform with me?" added the musician. So he got his boyfriend to play the part of Belle, and we can't get over how amazing the result was. We love Emma Watson, but we think Disney have found the perfect Belle for the sequel...

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